wine design


Wine Design is committed to quality wines in which design also prevails both in its label and in its presentation to the consumer, and that is that design and wine are two concepts that go hand in hand.

And it is that the wine design, is applied in the area in which it is applied, what it tries is to improve the aspect of what it is about to make it more attractive to the consumer. In this way, it manages to stand out from the rest and has a better chance of us being able to close a purchase.

In the case of wine design, the design is found on the labels, in the choice of color for the glass, the bottle, nd its shape, and on the packaging.

That is, on the label in which we are given the name and the basic data of the wine design that each bottle contains; and in the shape, color, and decoration of the box or the packaging in which it is sold. The most common is the first.

In the second of the assumptions, this wine design work is only found in those brands that have paid attention to all parts of the purchase process. Those who consider that buying a bottle of wine is much more than putting a bottle in a shopping cart. An opinion with which we agree and therefore we do not neglect any detail in the presentation of our packaging.

Wine Design: Labels

The label of a wine bottle is a fundamental part of its appearance. The shape, the colors, the drawings, the typography, the place, and the orientation with which the label will be placed… everything counts when it comes to capturing the attention of the wine-loving public.

Especially from those who understand that a bottle of wine design is part of a social act and not just an acquisition of products for consumption.

To ensure that the label of a bottle of wine is appropriate to the content and awakens interest in the consumer, the first thing we must be clear about is what elements should be valued. That is, the label must reflect the content. The same label or design should not be used if it is a young wine or an old wine.

Because the content is different, it is related to different characteristics and that must be reflected on the bottle label.

Australia is very well cared for and in fact, they have clear examples of brilliant labels when it comes to wine design.

Within the concept of design and wine, boxes and packaging will also be part of that image of the product, they are also key.

The bottles are stored in boxes that should reflect your personality. They should not only serve to protect the product, they should be elements that invite you to taste it from that moment and that are consistent with the image of the company. That takes care of the image of its wines should never neglect the packaging that collects them as it is the first presentation on many occasions. When we make purchases for home or for our business.

Hence, we can find wooden boxes, with more or less original wrapping, plastic, alternative materials such as fiberglass, etc.

Sometimes just a good quality in the packaging material and a clear and beautiful silkscreen accompanies a product whose image and quality are engraved on its label and flavor and that would be the set of aspects that would remain fixed in our memory. Design and wine in its purest form.

If we had to keep some labels to collect, it would be those of some of the most remembered branding in recent years and that have marked a style among the top wines have come out or the fun and beautiful wines from Australia.