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Website Design, How to start?

The website is one of the most problematic design tasks a lot of people will ever face. “How do we start learning new things?” In this article, we will gather the basics of website design. That everyone must know to reiterate that you need to know because of the design method, there will be different basics to be understood whether it is website design or other types of website design work.

How to design a website As well, we need to learn the principles of web design, because website design is a matter of design + technology,  so there are limits and limitations to be known. For anyone who wants to study Website design By reading or studying by yourself, you can study in this article.

How many types of websites are there?

How to design a website? As people have so many different needs, different types of websites happened a lot as well today we will give you an example of the type of website that we tend to design websites that are frequently.


One of the websites that we have to design a website frequently is the corporate website itself. The corporate website is the corporate website that must contain important information about the organization, such as tell your contact information (Contact). Tell information about the organization (About us) or some websites will have information. And can also do Content online marketing through websites with articles as well who needs a corporate website, we have high expertise. 

2.Landing page

Another type of website design that we will design is a landing page. It is a website design that is usually a single page. The landing page’s page is to convert users to customers. Therefore, the information available on the landing page is usually information about the product, the product, the properties of the product. Tell us the advantages of the product so, what we have to do on a landing page website is how to make product information attractive and have a unique call to action button to convert users into our customers.


E-commerce is one of the most trending website design types, according to the highly growing e-commerce market, more people are shoppers to shop online than ever before. Makes anyone who has to sell products would want to have a website E-commerce is our duty to design. You can read more design techniques at  E-COMMERCE Website Design Principles to be beautiful, perfect, pleasant to use.

Grid is important

Regardless of the design, the rules are always important. In our course, we focus on laying the foundations of design. You will be faced with a workshop related to Grid, which is a controller for laying the layout of our designs. No matter how you are a beginner or an old designer, you should use Grid System, especially in website work that will affect the performance of responsive (website design to be displayed on all screen sizes).

The picture is the main element

In the course of our website, you will hear a saying that over 80% of the webpage space will be images and 20% will be UI. A good picture, in addition to being beautiful, must also communicate the message that we want to convey. In this era, there are images available for use, both for which there is no cost.

  • 123rf
  • shutterstock

Or if you want quality images to design your website, check out the top 5 websites that give away free images without copyright.  

The font must be good

When you design a website with all the elements like a nice visual, a nice UI, but using the Tahoma fonts from a beautiful site, it can turn out to be bad. The technique for dealing with fonts in web design is to define the format of the font such as

  • H1 – Title: 48px font
  • H2 – Uses 32px
  • Body – Use an 18px font.

In website work, all fonts must be the same size to make it easier to code and look tidier. For a quality font, we recommend you check out  GOOGLE FONTS  because good quality is available in many formats and languages, and it’s free. But if anyone wants a more unique font, take a look at the Great source of free fonts, which we have carefully selected for designers !!  But this one needs to be looked at in terms of copyright. Each font has different requirements. 

Icon must hit

When designing a website, we have to use icons a lot. Icons are graphics that can be used instead of words or used in conjunction with the text. Add interest to the website. There are tons of icons out there in the world, check them out at  and  There are many applications to choose from If anyone wants to know how to bring icons to work in a hands-on manner, come and learn with us.

Be accurate about colors

Generally, a website that is passed through a professional designer will have to use only a few website chapter colors. There are only four primary colors, a secondary color, a keypad color (Call to action), and a background color (BG). Techniques for choosing a color for a simple website design are:

  • Main color = logo color
  • Secondary color = the background of the logo or the color that makes the logo stand out.
  • Color for the keypad (Call to action) = a complementary color for the main color and the background for accentuating.
  • Background color (BG) = emphasis on white or black tone color.

The subject of color is another subject that must be studied for a very long time. 

Design style

The last thing in website design is a design style that should stick to the current trend. A lot of times, the trend is caused by big service providers like Apple who used to make simple and sleek iPhone websites or Google with their own material design, if you don’t know where to start, we recommend you to study Flat design. Nid, because it has been a trend that has been around for a while, emphasizing simple designs that make it easy for designers.

Information on the topic of Flat design is available to read and study a lot, or can be read at Learn how to design a minimalist style that never dies. And you will find that simple things are not always boring.

Finally, it can be seen that designing a website is not an easy task. Must study and know many things. While there are some key things to know on top of this, not all of them are lacking in UX / UI issues to study, and the key to design training is to be hands-on.

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