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Website Design on How to make it if you’re a beginner

We will tell you how to make a beautiful website if you have no experience in website design. Main principles and general recommendations.

Many new freelancers are thinking about getting an order and making a good website design. Also one of them? In practice, everything is not as scary as it seems at first glance. The first thing to do is to take action.

Website Design: Decide on a goal

First, understand why your client needs a website. Let him answer a few simple questions:

  • What is the site dedicated to?
  • What tasks should you solve?
  • How do you plan to promote the site?
  • What structure should the site have?
  • What content are you planning to post?
  • Does the client have a ready-made brand book?

The more detailed the client answers, the clearer it will become what the result should be. The best option is to invite one of the leading design studios to fill out a brief.

No matter how strange, long and detailed it may seem to you, filling out the brief is one of the most important stages of creating a website design, as it helps to understand both the specifics and the complexity of the project. There are dozens of website design or building briefs.

Decide on the type of site

The next step is to understand what kind of website design you need. There are a lot of types of sites, but most often you need a landing page, a corporate site, or an online store.

Landing page

The purpose of a one-page site is to sell a product or service quickly and efficiently. As a rule, landing pages are distinguished by a bright design and the presence of one or several blocks in which the user is invited to leave contacts for communication.

Corporate website

It differs in size and capabilities – and often contains tools that are not easy for website design and technical implementation. In terms of complexity, corporate sites can be very different, it all depends on the requirements of the customer and the size of the business.

Online Stores

Many sites are familiar to everyone. The main challenge for the designer here is in the amount of information and products, as well as in designing the order page.

Research your competitors

When you have decided on the topic, type, and purpose of the site, it’s time to carefully study your competitors. Each of them at one time thought about how to make a website and was able to get to the top of the search results.

While studying the sites of competitors, pay attention to where and how the information is located, what is the structure of the site and what features are implemented. After analyzing a couple of dozen sites, you will surely see common features and patterns.

Even if there are no competitors in your niche for some reason, do not skip this step. Try to explore the sites of a related niche, make a mind map, draw sketches of the future interface, and do not forget to analyze every step you take, because any interface element must meet a goal.

Find references

The visual part of the site is one of the most important tasks of the designer because the site should be not only convenient but also beautiful. You need to choose fonts, main colors, think about the design of the blocks, the organization of information on the page.

If you’re new to website design, doing it alone is a dubious decision. Better to find sample sites that you like and pick up some ideas. Just do not redraw them from header to footer – this is already outright plagiarism.

We recommend that you make a selection of a couple of dozen sites of related topics, the design of which you liked, and take a closer look at the details, disassembling the layouts into their component parts.

You can safely show a selection of references to the customer. This will help you choose the appropriate style together, which will save you unnecessary edits in the future. You can find many good examples online.