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Vehicle Wraps: The Psychology Of Color for Branding

Color in vehicle wraps, along with other factors including size, contrast, alignment, proximity, white space, make up the hierarchy by which visual information is perceived. In addition, the human brain assigns different meanings to different colors based on how they impact viewers’ emotions, behaviors, and decision making – this study is known as color psychology. Brands adopt the psychology of color when creating their unique identity. These color tricks can also be applied to vehicle wraps to develop effective advertisements.

Vehicle Wraps Color Psychology

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, and black, are the common colors Riveting Wraps’ clients use on their vehicle wraps and graphics. The following visual hierarchy about color should be kept in mind when designing attention-grabbing wraps:

The level of attention decreases from bright colors to grayscale and muted colors. Let’s analyze the visual perception of the seven colors mentioned above and see how they can be applied to branding graphics and vehicle wraps. Below is an infographic about the color psychology of vehicle wraps:

Red Vehicle Wraps

The color red encourages appetite, shows passion, courage, energy, and excitement, and attracts attention. Most fast-food chains use red as their brand colors such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and KFCs, just to name a few. This is because red, orange and yellow are colors that make people feel hungry. Riveting Wraps’ food services clients use red as the main color of their vehicle graphics not only because of their branding but also to maximize their attention on the road.  

Orange Vehicle Wraps

Like red, orange is another appetite-stimulating color with high visibility. This citrus color is positively perceived as cheerful, friendly, confident, enthusiastic, creative, and optimistic. Moreover, it is a color for the fall season. Construction contractor, martial arts school, and catering company are some of Riveting Wraps’ clients that select orange as their vehicle wrap color. 

Yellow Vehicle Wraps

Yellow, also known as the sunshine color, produces a warming effect on its viewers. It arouses cheerfulness and reveals honor and loyalty. The reason why taxis are painted yellow is because of the color’s attention-catching quality. However, it should be noted that yellow when overused can have a disturbing effect. Light yellow color has to be paired with a dark color as it can disappear into white.

Green Vehicle Wraps

Green is considered a restful color for the human eye. Its association with nature (trees, grass, and vegetables are all green in color) makes it a peaceful, sincere, healing, and fresh color. Food, health care, and energy-saving companies often use green when introducing their products as healthy, environmentally friendly, and safe. 

Blue Vehicle Wraps

Strength, dependability, stability, and wisdom are some of the definitions the human brain assigns to the color blue. Sharing the same color with the sky and sea, blue releases a calming effect and is ideal to represent water and cleaning-related products and services. As an intellectual color, blue is adopted in the branding of tech companies such as Skype and Intel. As a side note, blue should never be used alone to advertise food as it is an appetite suppressing color.

White Vehicle Wraps

White is commonly used as a background color to create contrast with rich and dark color graphics. If the original paint of a vehicle is white, it is not necessary to wrap the whole vehicle but to only apply graphics on designated areas. This method is cost-effective and great for businesses that have a budget constraint. White itself is a positive color that shows purity, perfection, and cleanliness. 

Black Vehicle Wraps

Black delivers a sense of power, elegance, formality, and authority. This explains why authority vehicles, police cars, for instance, are black in color. Same as white, black is a great background color that helps other colors stand out and is a common original color on vehicles. 

Vibrantly Colored Vehicle Wraps Customized For Your Brand

The decision on which color scheme to adopt when designing vehicle wraps is based on brand colors, brand characteristics, and brand values. By mixing and matching colors, it creates meaningful vehicle advertising that effectively sends a brand’s desired messages.