Technical Buildings Inspection : what it is and who is obligated

Technical Buildings Inspection : what it is and who is obligated

There Technical Buildings Inspection are more than four months left before the oldest houses, that is, those that have turned 50 years ago, have to present the. To facilitate the inspection process, the Basque Government imposed a single deadline: 

As the standard indicates, buildings must have their when they turn 50. To do this, the owners must present Technical Buildings Inspection the inspection report to their town hall within one year. On the other hand, when subsidies are requested for renovation, energy efficiency and accessibility work, the must be submitted together with the application. After sending the document for the first time, the inspection should be reviewed every ten years.

It is important to know that three sections are studied in the inspection works that are carried out:

1: The first is to evaluate the state Technical Buildings Inspection of conservation of the house, thereby identifying the deficiencies that have been detected, the damages and the possible causes.

2: The second, to study the basic conditions of universal accessibility, deciding whether to correct them it is possible to make common sense adjustments.

3: The third is the certificate on the energy efficiency of the building, which brings together the content and the procedure established by the laws in force.

Upon inspection, the  will obtain one of the five planned classifications, depending on their Technical Buildings Inspection status and the work to be performed.
Grade 1: Refers to immediate collapse or when there is a danger of harm to people. The works must be done within 24 hours.
Grade 2: When there are significant damages that in the medium term can lead to dangers for people. It must be stopped within three months.
Grade 3: When there are serious deficiencies in the building that can cause damage, the term is one year.
Grade 4:When punctual damages are found that do not affect the entire system but can be increasingly serious, the term to give a solution can be extended to more than one year.
Grade 5: if no problems are detected or if you see those that with the proper maintenance work can be solved. In this case there is no deadline.

Technical Buildings Inspection

BALMASEDA, Technical Buildings Inspection the KADAGUA

After making the necessary Technical Buildings Inspection arrangements, the owner or owner, both individuals and communities, must present the Repair Certificate at the City Council.We must bear in mind that failure to submit the Technical Report could have serious and expensive consequences. On the one hand, it is an infraction of urban planning and municipalities will have the power, as entities that have the obligation to manage.

To impose the necessary sanctions and obligations;likewise, the municipalities have the competence to Technical Buildings Inspection carry out the inspection (and the improvement works that may be necessary) in a subsidiary manner. This means that they can carry out these works and then issue the invoice to the owner or owner, so that he pays them, whatever the amount. On the other hand, realizing the deficiencies in time prevents errors that in the future may have no solution.