Best Technical Building Inspection of Buildings

What is the -Technical Inspection of Buildings-?
It is a periodic review of the Building Inspection property that aims to ensure the good conservation of the property from the point of view of safety and health, habitability, public decoration, accessibility and energy efficiency.

Who are obliged to do it?
The owners of the constructions that have more than 40 years from the date of construction and / or integral rehabilitation; whether they are individual owners, neighborhood communities etc.

What buildings are required?
Those who are over 40 years old.

When should it be done?
The first inspection is carried out the Building Inspection year after the property turns 40; the second and subsequent, every 10 years from the date of the previous one.

Building Inspection

What is there to do?
Hire a technician, architect or rigger if it is housing, or a competent technician for the rest of the buildings, to review our property and issue a certificate and report on its state Building Inspection of conservation.In the Professional Associations and City Council there will be lists of technicians interested in its execution.

What model of Building Inspection report must be completed?

It is the model agreed with the Junta de Castilla y León and the Construction Institute.This application generates three documents: the pdf report, the pdf technician certificate and an .ite extension file.This .ite file must be compressed and converted to .zip for telematic presentation.The inspection can be favorable or unfavorable.

Where and how is it presented?

The owner is obliged to deliver the documentation to the City Council by any of the following means:
– In person: in the City Council Register on paper and with a CD containing the file.ite.
– Telematically: through the website where two procedures are available:
a) Through the electronic processing service, it manages , with certificate and prior identification on the page, completing a generic request to which the three documents are attached . Presentation receipt with legal validity.
b) Through the form available in the Urban Planning section and with outstanding procedures to which the three Building Inspection documents are attached. Its reception is confirmed by email, but the legal effectiveness of its presentation is deferred until the receipt of the documentation in the Municipal Registry internally.

Building Inspection

What happens after your presentation?
The inspection can be favorable or unfavorable.If it is favorable, the property is included in the Building Registry, the documentation is filed in the Building Inspection Registry and the procedure ends until 10 years have elapsed and the inspection must be carried out again.If it is unfavorable, they must correct the deficiencies with the works that are required within a maximum period of 3 months from the presentation of the Certificate and Report, as well as initiate and execute them within the deadlines indicated in the regional regulations.It is necessary to know that the licenses requested to execute works derived from the inspection are 95% subsidized in the Construction Tax and in the Urban Tax.The control of the fulfillment of the execution of the works and of the works ordered will be carried out by the Municipal Technical Services.

When do we have to present it?
Throughout the year following that the building turns 40, that is, from January 1 of the year the obligation is born until January 31 of the following year.

What happens in case of default?
Both if the report and the certificate are not presented or presented, the City Council may:
1 .- Receive for submission or correction of deficiencies.
2.- Failing that, issue an execution order to force compliance.
3.- Failing that, agree on the imposition of coercive fines (ten successive monthly payments up to a maximum of 10 for an amount of € 1,000).
4.- failing that, subsidiary execution by the owner.
5.- Simultaneously to these measures, the Building Inspection initiation of an abbreviated sanction procedure proceeds whenever the non-submission of ITC is a slight offense (art.348 of the RUCYL) that entails a penalty of.

What is the building registry?
The Building Registry is a base on which the following data regarding buildings and constructions will be.recorded : · Location· Characteristics and level of protection where appropriate. Construction date or, failing that, approximate year. Favorable technical inspection. Unfavorable technical inspections, indicating the nature of the deficiencies to be corrected, as well as any other data deemed necessary, and description of the necessary works to be executed, whether or not they are ordered.The data will be public, with statistical and informative effects in accordance with the data protection regulations and the common administrative procedure.Citizens may request information on the Building Inspection contained in said registry and / or a copy of the inscription in the Registry of Buildings for the purpose of accrediting their conservation status.