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My Best Selection Of Greatest Engagement Rings

Any marriage proposal is traditionally accompanied by an engagement rings , whether it is gold or platinum, with or without diamonds, etc. This ring has a very strong symbol, so you have to choose a beautiful one the first time. And this is where things get tough: which engagement rings to choose among the thousands of models offered on the web or in jewelry?

To help you see more clearly among all these rings, I offer you a small personal selection of some engagement rings . I took care to select models whose first price is affordable for all budgets, with a style that is both elegant and distinguished, and of course with impeccable quality and finish!

The Solitary Classics With Diamonds :

I start with a true classic of marriage proposals: the solitaire with a central diamond set by claws. Thus, the first engagement rings that I selected is available in yellow or white gold or in platinum. It is adorned with a white diamond set with four prongs. The body of the jewel is semi-rounded and ends with two pal mettes. 

This engagement rings is offered with different weights in order to adapt to all budgets. Thus the central diamond can vary from carat. The price of the ring increases with the weight of the diamonds of course. From a personal point of view, I recommend this ring to anyone looking for an engagement rings that is traditional with a beautiful diamond that will sparkle with the most beautiful brilliance.

This diamond solitaire is notably available on the Subtil Diamant com site. In the same spirit, you can also find classic solitaires with a slightly different shape. For example, the engagement ring below features a ring body that wraps around the diamond. Then it’s up to you to find which style suits you best.

The Loners Accompanied :

This second ring should be of interest to those who find that a single diamond is not enough and that a few additional small stones can sublimate a central diamond in the most beautiful way. So, I have selected for you this accompanied solitaire that I find really beautiful and original.

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Here again, the models I am presenting to you are available in 18-carat white or yellow gold, or even in platinum for those who appreciate its inalterability. Thus, this diamond solitaire is accompanied by small diamonds distributed over the body of the ring. In total, 14 diamonds set on the sides magnify the main diamond, again available with several possible weights: carat. This allows you to adjust the price of the engagement ring to your budget.

The price of this accompanied solitaire therefore varies between 1650 and 4900 euros for the gold version and between for the platinum version, depending on the diamond chosen. Find this solitaire accompanied here. You can also find more original Wedding ring designs. I think for example of this lonely below, accompanied by four bands of eight grain set diamonds. The body of the ring and the arrangement of the stones make it a model that stands out from the crowd while remaining chic.