Physiotherapy : best exercise for injury people

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The sports physiotherapy  is one of the many specialties of physiotherapy through which the rehabilitation is sought, care and prevention of amateur and professional athletes and as well as display guidelines correct those patients who practice physical activity and want to do it safe way.Thus, sports will address the injuries of the musculature system of athletes.

Sports physiotherapy goals

After knowing what sports physiotherapy is, we will list and explain what its main objectives are.  To achieve this, it is essential to know the type of pathology that the patient has suffered, as well as the physiological limits, without forgetting the joints and neighboring structures of the injured part. The tissue needs certain deadlines to regenerate but the physiotherapist can help accelerate those times.


  1. Adapt the body to training . Starting to train any type of sport implies promoting optimal conditions of the musculoskeletal system to obtain maximum benefits.
  2. Avoid risk risk factors . If we want to reduce the most common risks and symptoms of a possible injury, it is important to practice physical activity in the correct way.
  3. Evaluate the situation . Know how to decide if the patient can return to sports or not yet, reducing possible relapses in the future.
  4. Prevent injuries . This is one of the most important tasks of the sports physiotherapist and one of the least known. The health professional will help the athlete to prevent injuries.
  5. Improve Life Quality. In middle-aged people who continue to play sports, the role of the physiotherapist can help improve the quality of life of the athlete patient.

We can see that this branch has many objectives and a wide applicability among all those who practice sports. To achieve these objectives there are many techniques that can be used, depending on the type of injury, the severity and the needs of the patient to use one or the other.

The best known techniques used in the field of sports physiotherapy are: electrotherapy or thermotherapy, manual therapy, functional recovery, proprioception exercises, segmental stabilization and kinesiotaping or functional bandage.

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