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Automatic Garage Doors: Advantages and disadvantages

It is said that scientific and technological progress was invented by lazy people who did not want to do anything on their own. In principle, this is true, so buying an automatic garage door is more of a luxury than a necessity. So before you make such a purchase, let’s understand what are the pros and cons of automatic garage doors.

Pros of automatic garage doors 

Automatic garage doors come in different types. These are rolling garage doors, and sectional, and lifting and rotary. But regardless of the type of your automatic gate, they all have one significant advantage – they are easy to use and make life easier for the driver. Yes, you do not have to leave the warm interior of the car on a cold winter evening, in the autumn rain, in the summer heat, or during the spring floods. Opening such a gate is not only convenient, but also fast, so if you are late and count the minutes, automatic garage doors will delight you with speed.

In addition, automatic systems retain heat better. Often automatic systems are equipped with foam insulation, which means that a comfortable temperature in the garage is guaranteed. This way, your car will be better stored. Every car owner knows that in frosty weather the car starts worse, so it is very important to keep the heat in the garage, and automatic gates will help.

Such garage doors can be equipped with additional options, namely – ventilation grilles, security photocells, small windows – all this will eventually help you maintain the good appearance of your car and its functionality for many years to come.

If self-confidence and work on your image are not the last thing on your list of values, then automatic garage doors are created just for you. Of course, automated systems are designed for those who want more, who have already achieved something in life or are trying to become successful. Automatic garage doors are solid, prestigious and convenient.

At the same time, such a system has a number of disadvantages, so you need to consider whether you really want to install automatic gates in your garage.

Cons of automatic garage doors

Among the disadvantages in the first place is the price. Yes, automatic garage systems will cost more than manual ones, so if you have a limited budget, it is better to stop at a regular gate. Rolling garage doors are significantly lower than sectional or lift-and-turn, so you can choose this option if you want to save, but are not ready to completely abandon the idea of ​​installing automatic garage doors.

Second, automatic garage doors can be blocked due to a malfunction or lack of electricity. That is why, if you still plan to buy an automatic gate, make sure to install an emergency unlocker. So you can open the gate mechanically – outside or inside – with a key.

Another disadvantage of such gates is that they require regular care and maintenance. If you want the mechanism to work flawlessly, you need to pay attention to it.

In winter, be sure to clear the snow at the gate, because nothing should stop them from opening. Otherwise, the automation will quickly become unusable.

Twice a year, automatic garage doors must be lubricated with motor oil. Periodically, such gates should be washed – wiped from dust, precipitation and dirt. You can wash the gate with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. It is also allowed to use mild detergents.

If the automation still broke, you need to call a specialist. Now you can repair the mechanism of automatic garage doors quickly and inexpensively, but do not do it yourself – the safety of your car is in question.

Such disadvantages have automatic garage doors. In principle, these small problems are easy to solve, but you need to know about them before making a final decision.

For those who dream of buying an automatic gate for their garage, the specialists of the company are always ready to help!