Electrical installations with safety must be with qualified and certified professionals. In this article, we will deal with 3 basic tips when hiring an electrician.

In order to perform services in your company or residence, it is not advisable to hire an individual with basic or intermediate experience, especially when it comes to an electrician. It is essential to know well the professional or company being hired.

When it comes to negotiating services related to electrical installations, it is necessary to take into account effective and decisive aspects. A well-made or repaired installation is a guarantee of safety, since problems that would endanger your life and that of your family will be avoided.

To make sure that the service hired is of the expected quality, the contractor needs to know 3 important tips for hiring an electrician.

1 – Any Professional, NO!

Everyone knows that saying cheap is expensive. Before hiring any professional, assess your own skills. Don’t just look for information about the amount charged for the service, do good research to find out more about who you are going to hire.

Having references is an excellent tip. This factor is decisive according to experts on the subject since it influences a decision a lot.

Being judicious has advantages: it guarantees total satisfaction in carrying out the work and also avoids unnecessary future problems.

Be aware of two types of professionals: Those who have years of experience and do not have courses or certifications and also those with courses and certifications, but without having a broad command in performing the service. As stated before, research at the time of hiring is very important.

2 – Ask questions before hiring an electrician

When it comes to electricity, it is common to have customers who have no knowledge at all. And if you fit into this group, the answer is to ask several questions – questions that clarify your main doubts. Examples? What is the professional’s experience? How will the budget be carried out? Is there an invoice issue that works as a guarantee for the service provided?

Despite the tips, who makes the final decision about which electrician to choose is up to you. If you still have doubts, take this tip as a key. In many cases, some clients decide which professional to choose depending on the size of the work. 

If the work is large, the hiring of a company specializing in the electrical field and Electrical Engineers registered, who will offer, in addition to a well-done service, can offer a project to protect and guarantee the perfect execution of your work, as well as helping to save on the purchase of electrical materials.

Helping to buy only what is necessary with the adequate material guarantee so that the work is 100% (we will talk more about it in an article that will show you the importance of making a project), in addition to assuming all risks with electricians in the event of accidents, companies can guarantee the service, guaranteeing a good functioning of the electrical system. The fundamental issue is to guarantee quality resulting in your complete satisfaction.

3 – Pay attention to Labor and Materials cost

Electricians do not have a standard system. In other words, the value agreed between the parties (contractor and contractor) for labor depends on the system adopted by the professional.

Some may charge for the installation of lighting points or sockets, others charge per m². It is also possible to find in the market those who charge per hour of service provided.

The important thing is to make adequate planning for each situation. The service can also be contracted in stages, taking into account the planning.

As for the materials, ask the professional to indicate those you trust, using quality products and with a guarantee.

A mistake made by the contractor is to leave out the cost of equipment, or always choose the cheapest, without counting on quality and safety. It is important to request the amount in the budget, but also to know the quality of the product offered, you can contact an Electrical Engineer who will show you the market options and analyze with you the cost-benefit of the products.