Website Design

Website Design, How to start?

The website is one of the most problematic design tasks a lot of people will ever face. “How do we start learning new things?” In this article, we will gather the basics of website design. That everyone must know to reiterate that you need to know because of the design method, there will be different basics to be understood […]


Security alarm in the apartment and other methods of protection against theft

Your apartment is your fortress. It is not enough to provide your home only with fire alarm security. Apartment thefts take place every day in Australia. This is the most common type of robbery that can happen to anyone.  A security market expert and founder talk about how to protect his apartments and houses from theft and ensure […]

home automation


Home automation is the future when it comes to houses. More and more homes have home automation systems that allow you to control your home through applications, being able to control the temperature, appliances, etc. remotely, even when you are away from home. At Automated Innovation we are experts in the installation of home automation […]

Garage Doors

Automatic Garage Doors: Advantages and disadvantages

It is said that scientific and technological progress was invented by lazy people who did not want to do anything on their own. In principle, this is true, so buying an automatic garage door is more of a luxury than a necessity. So before you make such a purchase, let’s understand what are the pros and cons […]

Agricultural Drone

Agricultural Drone: Advantages and disadvantages of using

With the development of electronics, agricultural drones have become increasingly popular in many areas of agricultural activity. In horticulture for monitoring perennial fruit plantations and informing about possible fires, in animal husbandry to monitor the herd, and of course in crop production to solve a wide range of tasks, such as pesticide application, crop monitoring, mapping […]

solar energy

Solar Energy: Renewable energies will grow at a record pace in 2021

Renewable solar energy continues to grow strongly, overcoming the sharp falls caused by the pandemic in the rest of the energy sectors such as oil, gas, or coal.  China, Europe, and the United States but also Australia and the rest of the geographical areas are multiplying their energy capacities based on renewable energies. By 2021, renewable […]

website design

Website Design on How to make it if you’re a beginner

We will tell you how to make a beautiful website if you have no experience in website design. Main principles and general recommendations. Many new freelancers are thinking about getting an order and making a good website design. Also one of them? In practice, everything is not as scary as it seems at first glance. The first thing to […]