Bathroom Renovation

How To Best 3 Bathroom Renovation Without Works

Do you think that Bathroom Renovation inevitably involves bringing workers into the home? Or that changing the bathroom cabinet will mean turning everything upside down? Well, nothing is further from reality! Today we are going to show you that you can Bathroom Renovation yourself without works and with small gestures and little effort.

Find A Sink That Changes Everything :

Renewing the sink is a relatively simple action that nevertheless has the power to completely transform the room. Of course, if you decide to make a radical change betting on an original model, which will take center stage. For this, the best are the countertop sinks, because they are much more attractive than if they are embedded.Bet on designs with attractive shapes (oval or with thin walls, for example, are a trend this year) or with unique finishes, such as metallic.

The two- tone Bowl basin , which is part of the Metal Line series by Gala, is perfect to give a plus of distinction and elegance to the Bathroom Renovation. And it is very combinable! As you can see, in the upper photo the sink adds a point of sophistication to a minimalist bathroom in which straight lines and light shades predominate. But the same model delicately accompanies a vintage- inspired bath in this other photograph:

Changing The Furniture Is Always A Good Idea :

In the same way that the sink helps to create a different interior design, the furniture has a lot to contribute when it comes to Bathroom Renovation . And here you will not need to get into works either. Exchanging one piece of furniture for another is simple and the best way to update your bathroom.Keep in mind, furthermore, that the functionalities of furniture today are not those of 8 or 10 years ago, as space is being used more and more, innovations such as led lights and quality details such as opening systems are included and push type closure , etc.

If you are going to renew the furniture, take as an example the Emma Square model (120 × 45 cm), in the photo above. With sober lines and a natural Bathroom Renovation oak finish, it follows the latest trends. And, in addition, it marries very well in all kinds of styles and interiors, as in this other image, in a more compact size (80 × 45 cm) and in a very original white wood finish.

Bathroom Renovation With Small Details :

Bathroom Renovation

And, of course, bet on the details, because with small gestures you will achieve great changes. For example, if your faucet is already damaged, with the marks of the time, but the Bathroom Renovation still has a long life ahead, change the mixer and accessories and the bathroom will look new.

Our recommendation is that, at this point, you go for sophisticated and modern taps, to give the bathroom that current point. Take a look at Sonata for inspiration . It is one of the novelties in faucets from Gala and its groundbreaking design is capable of giving a new look to even the most classic bathroom:In addition, the waterfall in this model provides a plus of sophistication that will not leave anyone indifferent.A differentiating feature that is maintained both in the single-lever basin and bidet mixer and in the thermostatic taps for bath and shower.

Accessories also play an important role when it comes to Bathroom Renovation and without getting involved in works. Decide on models with contemporary lines and modern finishes. An example? Gala’s Pure line of accessories . Minimalist and current, its main asset is its ease of combining with all styles. Here are two examples:

And finally, an idea to renew the bathroom that always works: renovate the shower . It is one of the elements that most attracts the attention of the bathroom and, for this reason, having a modern shower will help to make the bathroom seem new. For this, one of the most effective actions is to change the shower taps for a good shower column.

Shower columns represent a leap in quality not only in style, but also in terms of functionality and comfort. Vera – in the previous image – is an aesthetically perfect column: delicate, with a contemporary cut and very versatile; but it also offers outstanding features: the high flow top shower head amplifies the sensations in the shower thanks to its rain-effect water fall that covers the entire body and, in addition, includes a hand shower with up to five positions to choose the type of ideal jet at every moment.