Roof repair

Roof Repair Reconstruction

The main reasons for premature wear of roofing are;┬átheir improper roof repair operation in winter, poor quality of roof repair during preventive or major repairs. Defects, roof repair and reconstruction ┬áStructural features of roof repair (the presence of shallow valleys, parapets, structural elements protruding above the roof), lack of sufficient ventilation of the attic space, […]


Locksmith training

You can be trained as a locksmith at a technical school or college. There are special short courses. Anyone can apply on the basis of 9 or 11 grades. The term of study lasts from 1 to 4 years, depending on the chosen institution and specialization. You go to study: “Mechanical Engineering”, specialty “Master of […]

real estate agent
Real Estate

The importance of real estate agent in the sales process

Do you want to sell your house or apartment? Selling a home is a very complex multi-step process. It requires real estate agent in the sales process. The knowledge, experience and intuition of a real estate agent who understands the characteristics of the market and is ready to clearly follow a comprehensive and complete marketing […]